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Watford Business Park
Watford, WD18 8PH

Tel: 0800 014 8080
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    Green Energy

    Solar power facts
    Solar is free energy that's completely clean and as abundant as sunlight! We have the technology to harvest this richest energy source. We can use the power of the sun to make a clean, pollution free world for us and our children.

    Our vision is to be the UK’s best value residential solar specialist.

    Our mission is providing reliable, high performance solar systems direct to residential customers with free maintenance and twenty-five year comprehensive guarantee on performance, parts and labour to underwrite our customer’s investment.

    Solardirect systems are specially designed for the British climate to safely generate the maximum possible free electricity from the Sun to power appliances and provide hot water, heating and cooling. Government guaranteed returns are maximized by incorporating advanced smart control technology and mains optimization to reduce mains electricity consumption increasing FIT returns. Continuous monitoring ensures any abnormalities are corrected quickly to minimize power and FIT loss.

    Our Engineering Centre of Excellence ensures professionally designed best value, high performance solar systems are installed by our network of trained and MCS certified solar Engineers who also provide free, no obligation, no pressure, advice, survey and price options and will be your primary point of contact from start to finish to save you the hassle, need or expense of sales people, surveyors, project managers etc. Experienced Solardirect supervisors ensure high standards are maintained at all times.

    Top 10 reasons our Customers choose Solardirect.

    • 25-year performance guarantee of power output included.
    • 25-year guarantee on all equipment, parts and labour included.
    • 25-year maintenance for optimum performance included.
    • Smart technology to maximize free electricity and water heating.
    • Advanced technology reduces shading and orientation loss.
    • Corrosion proof Panels, security bolts. heavy duty rails included.
    • Hardened, low-iron, non-reflective, self-cleaning glass included
    • Mains optimization included to further reduce electricity charges
    • Continuous monitoring included to ensureoptimum output
    • The Solardirect network of MCS installation Engineers are supported by the Solardirect Engineering Centre to deliver clear professional advice and manage the installation of your complete solar system – saving you the hassle and delay of dealing with separate sales people, surveyors, project managers, installers etc.

    Solardirect design and install technically excellent smart solar systems at affordable prices to make solar power practical and profitable for everyone. We are totally customer focused and guide you through every stage of your installation. Our track record is your guarantee of reliable operation and high performance.




    Solar Panels

    Road to a Greener Future
    If you live in a suitable property you could have solar panels fitted to your roof and use the free electricity the panels generate to reduce your electricity bills.